"Learning to stop smoking is like learning a card trick: once you're shown how it's done it's no longer difficult or mysterious. You just need a little practice."

To make a very long story very short — I tried everything, and I mean everything to stop smoking!!

Finally, one day while painting, I realized that I needed to approach this smoking problem the same way I solve a painting problem. Most professional artists will tell you that drawing and painting well is simply finding the way to have a piece appear the way you want it to look.

So, once again, making a long story short — the following technique is what I came up with. This worked for me and it will work for you.

If you truly have made up your mind to stop smoking (but your body is not yet in agreement with your mind) this technique will place your mind and body in harmony — you will no longer need to smoke, and your "painting" will be as you envisioned it — smoke free!


I recommend that you allow yourself about 15 minutes to read and absorb this material. Relax, get comfortable, and learn how to stop smoking… the natural way.

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